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Eco living gains momentum worldwide

Nov 11, 2022

Like most people, you probably want to live in harmony with nature - and it may be an idea you’ve considered.

Like most people, you probably want to live in harmony with nature—and it may be an idea you’ve considered. But perhaps the commitment seems too great. Maybe it just doesn’t fit easily into your already busy life.

Perhaps by unpacking what is involved you can ease into this new way of life without too much hassle.

Living in a manner that is kind to the planet encompasses any actions individuals or communities take to reduce the environmental impact of their lives. The lifestyle choices range from eating less meat and using less energy, to walking instead of driving, working shorter hours and living closer together. Eco-friendly materials, like reclaimed wood and repurposed metal, are becoming a common theme in many home decor styles as people work with the materials of nature to create homes that embrace the environment. From organic food to smaller homes, eco living is all about embracing a greener lifestyle and using less resources for less impact on the environment.

Eco-living is a way of looking at the world that sees ‘values’ as something more than mere economics, and that recognises the links between the environment, our economy, the way we live, and our well-being.

There isn’t a rigid set of rules to follow nor is anyone who matters going to pass judgement. For most of us it begins with making small changes to our daily routines. Whether it be recycling just one line, for example glass to going the full course and only buying second hand clothing – it’s as big or as small as you can manage. All it takes is a step at a time.

The fact is that eco living is more than just a trend. Becoming an eco-warrior is about making a difference. And that’s something we should all be proud of. More importantly, for it to be effective, it needs to be a team effort.

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Honest to Goodness living

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